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Ring City Expressway

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Recently, the author saw in the Xingyi Fengdu section of the Xingyi Ring City Expressway that the prototype of the expressway has begun to appear. The Niulitang Tunnel has been completed. The Fengdu toll station has been leveled. The Fenglinte Bridge is also under construction.

The Xingyi Ring Expressway starts at Mopan Mountain in Yilong New District, and is connected to the Qingxing Expressway that has been opened to traffic. The junction crosses the Shankun Expressway, passing Louna, Fengdu, Zerong, Shihei, and Sakin. Stopping at the northwest of Xingyi City, the ancient city was broken, and the existing interchange between Xingyi and Xingyi of the Shankun Expressway was used to build a new interchange and form a traffic flow conversion. The length of the route is 61.393 kilometers.

8 interchanges are set up at Mopan Mountain (junction), Lou Na, Fengdu, Jingfeng, Jingnan, Sajin, Mujia, and Xingyi West (junction). There are 6 toll stations on the entire line, 1 service area (Qingshuihe), 1 parking area (Wanfeng Forest), and 2.78 kilometers of Sajin and Jingnan interchange interchange lines.

It is understood that the Xingyi Ring Expressway has completed 30% of the total project volume and is expected to be completed and opened to traffic in June 2020. At that time, Wanfenglin, Louna and other scenic spots will be connected, and high-speed intersections will be set up in the scenic spots to realize the interconnection and interconnection of Xingyi Ring Expressway and local roads. This "tourist expressway" is bound to become an important hub for promoting rural revitalization strategies, and it will play an important role in fighting poverty in the southwestern Guizhou region and driving economic development along the route.

Fenglinte Bridge

After the completion of the Xingyi Ring Expressway, it will be of great significance to alleviate the traffic pressure in the central urban area, expand the space for urban development, promote the development of industries along the line, build a more complete highway transportation system, and promote the development of urbanization.

The distance between the two mountains is no longer far

Fengdu section high-speed entrance








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