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I took a picture with the national flag, I am proud of my hometown

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I took a picture with the flag and I am proud of my hometown. Coinciding with the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, Xingren Fangmaping launched a solicitation of "Meeting Xingren walking into Fangmaping photos and short videos". The solicitation time is from October 1st to October 31st. During the event, all photos taken with the national flag in Zhuquan Village of Xingren and Hongshizhai Scenic Area can participate. Let us like our hometown together.

I have a picture with the flag

Solicitation time: October 1st-October 31st

Photo and short video requirements: patriotic theme, all photos taken with the national flag in Zhuquan Village and Hongshizhai Scenic Area are all acceptable, like the hometown.

Participation method: Email to participate, you can send photos to: m.

Reward settings

1. Ten outstanding works will be selected, and 2 sets of entertainment packages (valued at RMB 870) in Fangmaping tourist area will be obtained;

2. Five of the top ten works will be selected, and 3 sets of entertainment packages (valued at RMB 870) will be obtained in Fangmaping tourist area;

3. One outstanding work will be selected, and you can get a free mapping annual card and a free accommodation (set of three bedrooms) in a mapping cabin (value 1200 yuan, can bring family and friends)

Other benefits

During the National Day, Xingren opened Maping Southwest Mongolian Customs Park in Maping! Take you to experience the extensive heroism of the nation right away.

Introduction of Fangmaping Southwest Mongolian Customs Garden , Southwest Mongolian Customs Garden, is the only Mongolian style landmark in the southwest that is mainly based on Mongolian style, with restaurants, accommodation and performing arts. First, a variety of cuisines from the Mongolian steppe. Second, a unique yurt accommodation experience. Third, Matouqin and prairie singers from the prairie of Inner Mongolia perform. Fourth, the current hottest Internet Red Bridge project, the coordinates of the Internet Red Age.

Scenery of Fangmaping Southwest Mongolian Customs Garden

Scenery of Fangmaping Southwest Mongolian Customs Garden

Scenery of Fangmaping Southwest Mongolian Customs Garden

When experiencing different national customs, of course, special food is indispensable.

Roast leg of lamb


Roast lamb

Anime cartoons gather in Maping to create a children's paradise.

Cartoon interaction

Cartoon interaction

Cartoon interaction

During the National Day, the Fangmaping Scenic Area will play parades throughout the day, and in the barbecue area, national performing arts, Yi people playing rockets and other performances will be launched from time to time. At the same time, tourists can enjoy various recreational activities such as extreme skiing, traditional archery, horse riding, and ethnic swing. Create a meaningful and nostalgic National Day holiday for you.

Fangmaping Scenic Area

Fangmaping Scenic Field

How to get to Maping?

[Self-driving-final stop: Xingren Fang Maping Scenic Spot]

After arriving in Xingren County, Guizhou, set off, head towards Panjia Town, exit at Panjia Town Toll Station Exit, and head towards Fangmaping Scenic Spot. The whole journey is 30 kilometers, and it takes about 30 minutes.

[Xingyi self-driving strategy]:

From Xingyi Dongshang Expressway, via Shanghai-Kunming Expressway and Qingxing Expressway to Panjiazhen Toll Station, the whole journey is about 58 miles and can be reached in about 50 minutes.








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