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1. The "Follow the People" column has opened up channels for people to reflect their opinions and suggestions, so that functional departments in our state can more easily listen to the voices of the people and pay attention to the lives of the people.

2. It is hoped that the majority of netizens will use civilized language to comment on things objectively when expressing their opinions and reflecting the situation, and oppose malicious life attacks and abuses.

3. Don't divulge state secrets, distort others, slander others, and incite speech that subverts state power. If you violate the above regulations, you will bear all legal liabilities directly or indirectly caused by your actions.

4. This site has the right to delete adverse information such as reactionary, pornographic, and malicious attacks on others. If the circumstances are serious, it shall be reported to the public security organs for processing.

5. Attention hotline: 0859-3112520

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