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People in Yilong Pilot Area Cannot Call the Internet
Release time: 2016-04-05 | Posted by: audience number three | Views: 8129

经一个星期不能打电话、不能上网了,经找到当地通信公司了解,原因为木咱至德卧东峰林大道建设施工造成,受损面积较大,希望有关政府出面解决我们老百姓的通信需求。 I have n't been able to make phone calls or access the Internet for a week on the street of Muzan Town in Yilong Experimental Zone . After finding a local communication company, the reason is that the damage caused by the construction of Muzan to Dewan Dongfenglin Avenue is large. Relevant governments have come forward to address the communications needs of our people.

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anlonggcf 04-06 09:29
Isn't the government changing into a service-oriented one? In this way, which company dares to invest locally, it is no wonder how many companies are recruited in the annual report, but it is not effective. No wonder I passed by from the weekend, but my cell phone didn't signal.
qxnwmltc 04-06 10:05
Seeing this destruction scene is really brutal. It is no wonder that such an environment cannot attract investment and attract enterprises.
23209917 04-06 10:19
Yuzhang Town also had no cell phone signal for a week, and the internet was down. Why won't the government protect the communication lines when the project starts? The current Yilong test area gives a single impression
yfy 04-06 11:24
President Xi "no network security, no national security, no informationization, no modernization"; Premier Li must do "broadband China", "Internet", Guizhou must do "big data", "three years of information infrastructure war", Southwestern Guizhou has to do big data, e-commerce, Internet education, and targeted poverty alleviation ... I wonder what we want to catch? What do you want to do?
yfy 04-06 14:22
I heard that the "Law Enforcement Inspection Group of Guizhou Province's Information Infrastructure Regulations" is about to come to southwestern Guizhou, and I just took them to take a look.
Xiao Ange 04-06 21:36
Of course, construction is a good thing, but do n’t interrupt our people ’s communication, will construction not be built well? Regardless of the details of ordinary people's lives!
ddss56 04-07 10:57
We have to enter the primitive society, can the government come forward to solve it?
Xuzhu 04-07 15:39
I really do n’t want to say anything. If everyone thinks so, after 10 years, everyone is suitable for taking a dog walk.
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