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Why is it so difficult to get an electric vehicle license plate and it feels like it was stolen?
Release time: 2015-05-26 | Posted by: Xiaoqiqi | Views: 8405

Recently, the license for electric vehicles is in full swing. In response to the government ’s call, this girl ’s paper is also working hard to be a good person. I am ready to give my own small electric car to the household. Helplessly, running down these days has broken my heart. !! !! !!

On the first day, I took the invoice (because it was a 12-year-old car and only had a receipt at that time), an ID card, and a vehicle certificate, and went to the Happy Road Traffic Police Team with joy. Wow, there are many people. It ’s not just me who wants to be a good person. One! As soon as the people in the queue walked around, I quickly hurry up. After all, it came to me. The information was passed in, but I didn't give it up and then forwarded it? The staff said that you are a non-resident account and you need to go to the community to prove it! (⊙ o ⊙) Ah! Why am I a non-residential account? I hurriedly took out the account and moved the account to Xingyi the year before. The staff said again. We only look at the ID card! . . . . Alright, I'll go and prove!

The next day, I went to the community where the hukou is located to get a certificate. The community personnel said that your hukou is here, but people do n’t live in this area. They ca n’t open a certificate. . . . I moved to the residential community, and they said that I do n’t have your account in our community, and we do n’t have your information here. How can I get this certificate? . . God, am I black? ? ? I can say that I finally issued a residence certificate for me. I am grateful. I took the certificate and came to the traffic police team again. What happened? The staff said that the car model and so on should be stated on the certificate. . . . Ah, what's going on, isn't it on the vehicle certificate I took? The staff said again, how can you know if it is your car without the certificate, you can't do it without the certificate. . . . Oops, I go, the car procedures are all in my hands, it seems that I can steal the invoice together with the theft of the car, and watching the staff ignore it, well, I'll go again!

On the third day, I went to the community to explain my intentions, and the community members laughed. This proved that we could not drive. We did n’t know if this car was yours. You did n’t come to us for the record. . . I'm speechless! !! !! I also feel that this car is not mine anymore! Someday a few years ago, I was drunk on the road and just happened to see the car, and the car keys were on it, and then the invoice and the like were all in the compartment. Wow, am I so lucky? !! I began to doubt life. . . .

I am so bored now. There are not a few friends who have the same experience as me. Can the government simplify the procedure? I just want to be a good person quietly. Why is it so difficult? !! !! Are you trying to force me to be a bad guy? is it? ? ? !! !! !!

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qt0303 05-27 14:42
Please prove that Nima is Nima, your father is your father, you are your father and mother
zhaoyon1231919 05-27 16:35
Dear, the car I bought in 2002,
Xiaoqiqi 05-28 09:29
Sorry everyone, it ’s a car I bought in 12 years, and I got it wrong by hand. Thank you for this friend who found the problem. It looks like an expert.
The hardest part is drawing a circle 05-27 12:09
First of all, I have a question: Is your electric car not scrapped yet? ? ? After 13 years, the motorcycle has also been scrapped. It should be understood as a car bought in 12 years. Seeing that the procedure you said is indeed a bit complicated, but you should prepare the required information according to the requirements. The invoice must be required, and the residence address must be proof. I also want it. If you don't have these two, I don't think they dare to give you!
Xiaoqiqi 05-28 09:33
All the information is available. The car bought in 12 years was a receipt at that time. Okay, and the residence certificate was also opened in the community. Now the traffic police team needs a certificate for driving in the community. How can this car prove to you? , I bought a car without registering in the community, which is obviously that they are unable to work!
yuan111 05-28 15:03
The landlord, the best way is to avoid riding, when the traffic police check the car, put away.
The hardest part is drawing a circle 05-29 10:11
If the electric car is settled in the traffic police, there should be a kind of registration guide or something. What do you need? Tell me about the materials they need.
lyy10830 05-30 09:11
People do not fight with each other, girl, let ’s run, make up for it, and work hard to be a good person!
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