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In order to facilitate the road, it is recommended to remove the guardrail of Shajing Street
Release time: 2015-06-20 | Posted by: Sun A | Views: 8884
After long-term observation by Xiaobian, the installation of the manhole street after the guardrail greatly affected the entry and exit of car residents. The second was that people stopped along the street to block traffic, and the vehicles behind could not move forward. Third, when consumers are shopping along the street, sometimes they have to go a long way to reach the opposite merchant to buy the goods they want, which is very inconvenient. Fourth, the sales of merchants along the street have dropped significantly.

This requires the traffic police department to seriously consider whether it is necessary to set up. I see that the traffic order on Yunan Road has been removed after it has been removed. The advantage is that the driver cannot overtake at the stop. In summary, Xiaobian suggested that it be immediately demolished, and drivers and residents living along the street applauded.

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Selling Little Matches for Girls 06-20 20:11
Although I have to drive by here every day, and it is really inconvenient, but I object to dismantling, because the situation on Shajing Street without the fence is so memorable! Never overestimate the quality of Chinese people (including myself, driving, using other modes of transport, and passers-by)!
Three generations of poor farmers
Your three opinions have already been expressed. The meaning of removing the guardrail is: 1 to make it easy for drivers with no quality to turn around; 3 Convenient people without quality can cross the road from any point at will!
Cats love to eat fish 06-20 14:51
The guardrail here has withdrawn from the traffic, and the traffic department made a decision after careful inspection. Is there a post from a nearby business for personal gain, regardless of the traffic in the city?
Clear light bamboo shadow 06-20 20:01
If everyone can obey the traffic rules, do n’t cut in line, do n’t stop up, and do n’t turn around arbitrarily, of course, it will be convenient for everyone. However, if the results appear after dismantling, I still ask you to think carefully. I suggest Xiaobian to go to the overpass of Zunyi Road State Government to observe for a while. Will you insist on removing the guardrail?
suancai 06-21 14:36
Dismantled the traffic more chaotic, identification is complete!
jzb5 06-23 20:15
I do not support removal. Did you drive through Shajing Street before setting up a fence? In front of the barrier-free taxi, the taxi grabbed the road and it was impossible to get off. Although it is not ideal after the fence is installed, compared to the past, I really feel that the traffic management department has done a lot of merit, because it is rarely blocked. Just get up early and don't worry about being late for work.
djwwwdj 06-22 10:35
It ’s even more messy if you tear it down. It ’s best to use Skynet to capture a rental car and a private car that are randomly parked.
Ink of Jinzhou 04-15 10:54
The guardrail cannot be dismantled. When dismantled, a vehicle can turn around at the branch road at any time. At that time, the blocking method makes you panic. . . . At the same time, it is recommended to
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