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Pushing responsibility! How long can you live at China Post EMS?
Release time: 2015-07-13 | Posted by: thwwz123 | Views: 9978
("Express Mail Service"), a postal courier service. It is an international mail courier service managed by the UPU and a courier service provided by China Post. This business enjoys priority processing rights in customs, aviation and other departments. It delivers high-quality international and domestic emergency letters, documents, financial bills, commodity samples and other documents and items to users with high quality.

Today, my personal experience told me that the authenticity of the content explained by the above terms has yet to be verified. In the future, the phrase "high quality is delivered to users -------" I think it can be deleted. It ca n’t be done at all. Do n’t write down what you do n’t see, it ’s a shameless act!

Big companies should have everyone's demeanor, but my relatives, friends, colleagues and my personal experience remind me again that you are too unreliable for China Post EMS. Why do you be a dignified state-owned enterprise and be a bully shop, and live up to your expectations? A matter of responsibility? When mentioning colleagues, relatives and friends around EMS, shaking their heads, the Internet is also scolding! China Post EMS, what happened to you? Say you're an Ado you can't afford, and you look arrogant! Compared with private enterprises such as SF, Shentong and Yuantong, how can you feel embarrassed! ? ? ? How can you let me wait for Xiaomin to stay away from you!

I recently bought a sample online, and wanted to see if the quality was good before deciding whether to buy in large quantities. It is expected that things will not be received after wearing the autumn water, so I went online to check the logistics path, and I was frightened by a check, and the reason was rejected Receipt is delivery and signing again. Signatory: I accept it? ? ? what's the situation? ? ? I didn't even see the ghost of things, and this happened even before the phone was received? ? ? ? Is there another me in the world? ? ? ? Too sci-fi? ? In the end, after studying it carefully, I found that the reason why I did n’t receive the call was that I wrote 0089 at the end as 0086. This is my problem, but it ’s not that you ca n’t find me. The reason for the lack of goods, my detailed address has been detailed to the house number, I dare not say what you are stupid The word is afraid of hurting feelings, but at least even a three-year-old child can find me, right? ? ? Can't contact by phone, can I knock on the door and ask for check? Really speechless! !! !! !! !! Here is the logistics path information for everyone to see.

[Southwest Guizhou Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture] Post and sign for:

[Guiyang City] Leave Guiyang City and send to Shanghai (Transfer)

[Southwest Guizhou Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture] Failure to vote due to rejection and return

[Southwest Guizhou Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture] Xingren County Post Delivery Bureau arranges delivery (name of delivery person: Yang Guolong; contact phone number :)

[Southwest Guizhou Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture] Arrive at Xingren County Processing Center

[Guiyang City] Leave Guiyang City and send it to the southwestern Guizhou Buyi and Miao Autonomous Prefecture (transition)

[Hangzhou] Leave Hangzhou and send to Jinhua

[Hangzhou] The post received by Lanyou Station, the provincial capital of the West District of Hangzhou Post Express Logistics Company, (Name of the voter :; Tel :)

Logistics company:

tracking number:

The following logistics information is provided by Express 100, if you have any questions, please go to Express 100!

After seeing the rejection and return information, in the end, I contacted the shipper, explained the situation and provided the correct phone number. Finally, the shipper went to negotiate with the post office by myself, and then I finally received it on July 10. The post office phone, they got in touch with me, saying that the previous phone could not be contacted by mistake. When they went to my community, the doorman refused to sign for it, and waited for you to call and ask! !! !! ? ? ? (You won't come upstairs to ask me? There is an elevator and you don't want to climb up!). I'm afraid of any other moths. I said I would take it myself. The comrade on the phone said yes, and took out my things alone and waited for them. But because I was busy forgetting something that day, when my girlfriend went to pick it up on the morning of July 11th, they rummaged for a while and couldn't find it, because the person who called yesterday was not there, he put it I ca n’t find anything and do n’t know where to put it! (What kind of work is this ?? Really speechless! Does such a large company have a reasonable transfer system and procedures?) Ask him to come back when he returns! !! !! !! Finally, desperately waited until Monday, July 13th, which is today, my girlfriend went to fetch again, this time foreign style! Was told to return long ago because the phone number could not be contacted and returned as required! What do you mean? What does it mean to be unreachable? ? ? ? ? ? Did I get a call from the ghost of your post office on July 10th? I talked to the ghost for a long time? ? ? ? ? What is this story? ? ? After my girlfriend came back to talk about the situation, the more I wanted to get angry, I immediately looked up the landline of the call record on July 10 and called back! !! !! The connection of a lesbian was very gentle first. As soon as I said that my situation was not finished, she immediately scrambled and said the voice was octave higher, "Oh! You are what or what -------- -"I've been talking about it all the time, and I've been criticizing me for not! I can stop her when I ca n’t interject, listen to me explain the situation and let her continue to babble, but the lesbian didn't even care that I was still babbling, I just didn't want to listen to me Explain the meaning of the opportunity (what attitude)! !! !! !! She talked about her, I talked about my standard complaint against the duet! The scene is so lively! I blame me for writing the wrong phone number and I ca n’t be reached anymore. Of course we have to return it! I really wanted to swear! That's right! I was also wrong. I could n’t reach me because of the wrong phone number, but I can send it to me with the detailed address. The reason is that the doorman refused to accept it. Is it something the doorman bought? Does his rejection mean that I reject it? Who grants this right? After I went today, I was told to return. The reason is that the phone number is incorrect. ? ? What reason! Didn't you get in touch with me later? !! !! What work attitude? ? ? ? What works? ? ?

Let ’s not talk about this, everybody searches the China Post EMS online, and the negative information is overwhelming! !! !! Who is this to blame? Still not reflecting, wait for death? ? ? ? Think you can be a state-owned enterprise for thousands of years? No wonder attracted scolding China Post EMS, get out of the scolding voice!
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Injustice 1 07-14 10:42
You are really funny. Your number will be wrong. No one from EMS can contact you. Does the guard dare to collect it for you? Just because it is not something the doorman buys, why can't people refuse to accept it, the phone cannot be contacted, and no one can help you collect it? My own mistakes increase the workload of others. I still blame this and that, and I want someone to knock on your door and send it to you. It's really beautiful. People know that you are not at home? I ca n’t reach the phone. Everyone knocks on the door. You think it ’s funny that someone pays you so much to help you in the sky!
Huaiqing 07-15 00:36
This article is silent
djwwwdj 07-15 08:44
The contact phone number is wrong, please bear it yourself, the courier is contacted by phone.
xyxhb 07-15 09:10
After identification: the landlord is a self-righteous guy. First of all, his phone number will be wrong, it is just an idiot. Secondly, he clearly agreed with the other party about his broken faith, but he also blamed the other party. Who do you think you are? Does your stuff cost more postage? Why torture someone? Seeing you like this, you know that you are a person who can't go back and can't make the climate.
zsadfge 07-15 15:51
Personally feel a little bit too busy! !!
333350 07-14 21:37
Now the parcels sent to the community are originally delivered to the property. Since the property has collected the property management fee, it is obliged to collect the parcels. You ca n’t contact you by phone. You ca n’t blame anyone for it. Property Office, but if the property does not recognize your home and cannot contact you, some properties will not dare to collect it, otherwise what will be responsible? You called the delivery person to come to the door to deliver, you really are a delivery person is a cow, as you say, does it mean to go up to the 18th floor of this building, and immediately go down there and go up to the 20th floor? Although there is no elevator, it is undoubtedly a waste of time for the delivery man. Do you know how tired the delivery man is when he has hundreds of packages a day? Do you have to deliver it at night? People don't have that much time to climb for you, otherwise you want your property to have prodigal sons? The attitude of the post office staff is really bad, but what about your own attitude? Since EMS is not good, do n’t use it. No one is surprised that you use it!
thwwz123 07-14 14:31
This "comrade injustice" comrade, don't make fun of everyone, who would be stupid enough to help you, such a company that can only push forward and do not think about repentance and arrogance? The more you want to cover the more you prove your guilty conscience, well, I will cooperate with your acting skills. This comrade, let me explain your responses one by one pretending not to be a staff member of China Post EMS Xingren Branch! Look at it this time! 1. "You are really funny, and your number will be wrong." This little comrade, seeing the tone of your reply, knows that you are not deeply involved in the world, and you are a bit naive! Anyone has a funny time, but this thing is not funny at all! I'm not like you! I was recruited by your unit to work in the service industry that serves the people without even the minimum quality of service (Isn't it through the back door?), I really feel that your unit has such a difficult thing, a ugly face, and a bad attitude Shame on employees who owe you millions and shirk your responsibilities. !! I confessed my mistake from the beginning! I ’m not like you. I ’m out of the world and far away from the world, but I ’m a human, and it ’s a human who will make mistakes. It ’s normal for my number to be wrong on the keyboard. What's different between you and me is that I know what I'm wrong and I dare admit that I can find ways to correct my mistakes. (If you don't understand, please read what I wrote again! It's best not to miss a word so you don't get out of context!) But you No, you will only use your naive logic to fight back here, without thinking about repentance! It seems that the work of carrying out the three strict and three real tasks in your unit is not comprehensive enough to omit your comrade who does not eat human fireworks. (Three strictnesses and three truths are human standards advocated by the Party Central Committee. I do n’t know if you are going to learn to abide by them. You can ask your leaders.) 2. "Everyone with EMS cannot contact you. Is it for collection? It is because it is not something the doorman buys, so why ca n’t people refuse to accept it? ”Without a commission, our doorman would not dare to collect it for me. That ’s right! But this cannot be the reason for rejection displayed on the logistics path! Please do n’t make me laugh, because it was the doorman who refused to accept it, not me. The doorman could not make any decision on my behalf, so this cannot be a reason for rejection! I was rejected by you! "My own mistakes increase the workload of others. I still blame this and that, and want someone to knock on your door and send it to you. It is really beautiful." I confess my mistakes! I apologize for the increase in your workload. No wonder you can, but you have to show your attitude? We can forgive a child who knows and corrects mistakes, and certainly can tolerate a dare to face mistakes and make serious corrections, and sum up lessons learned to really improve their working methods and raise their company's service standards as an example for the industry and avoid Similar errors occurred again. But you feel your conscience and say, are you such a big-hearted company? Also, say I think too beautiful! In order to determine if you have a door-to-door service in the urban area, I specifically called the 11183 service call of EMS, and the answer I got is yes! Why do you say I want to be beautiful in this case? ? ? Is it not your service promise? Why am I thinking too much for spending the money I deserve? What do you mean? ? ? It's unreasonable! "Does anyone know if you are at home? You can't reach the phone. Everyone knocks on the door. It's funny that you think someone is getting such a salary to help you in heaven!" I tell you that you are not sensible The most direct way to be polite when not at home is to knock on the door! Who told you to knock them out? What are you really doing! ? Did n’t I say that I have an address with the floor and house number in detail? In this way, you will have the ability to think of knocking on one by one! ? You say that this is reducing the overall IQ of your company! Does your company want anyone? The "little stupid cow" in our village can also work in your company. If the salary is not paid, the meal will be sufficient. I promise! His mother can definitely give you up! I didn't want to explain it any more, but I do n’t want to talk about you too much. Please read the following excerpt online. Facts speak louder than words! !! !! !! !! !! The people inside EMS can be so mad and inseparable from the indulgence of our consumers! Let's think about how many times you started full of blood, but immediately gave up your rights with the mentality of "Otherwise, just forget it" or "Can't make me flash." It is because of your indulgence and your noisy behavior that makes those people more and more crazy! !! What is the EMS post express complaint number? What should I do if I lose the package? Follow | 3 ... The postcards that my friend sent me have not been received for more than half a year, I do n’t know if I lost or am still on the road! ems really sucks, why is there no courier to help send postcards? Some friends also sent a few boxes of cosmetics from Japan to China via ems express, but now they haven't found the reason. What is the EMS post express complaint number? What should I do if I lose the package? 2015-02-06 Add a comment invite Thank you for sharing the time to vote for the people who follow the report. 2 replies Xizibei ems, I just watched a dog blood plot: On February 3, 2015, the netizen @EMSpit father express folk complaint center in Wei On the blog, in the name of Lin Longhui, the declaration of war against EMS by real name caused a stir. The cause of the incident was that Lin Longhui sent a 7.7kg package from Japan back to China. As a result of the unremitting efforts of EMS, the package was successfully reduced in weight! After losing a full 3kg, the goods worth 5,000 yuan have turned into butterflies flying away ~ When complaining, EMS's indifferent and irresponsible attitude completely ignited Lin Longhui's anger, and the young man sent out an eloquent obituary, singled out EMS ↓ == ==== The dividing line of the text of the text ===== After the bombardment of the Weibo and WeChat circle of friends from yesterday morning to today, they finally came out to talk to us. It seems that my approach to pinning hope on public opinion is correct. Let everyone know what happened. Today, the recipient Miss Lai went to negotiate with their local post office. The post office now expressed willingness to negotiate with us, but let's see what the response from China Post gave us: (There is a screenshot picture of the text message, but the message cannot be displayed , The content of the text message is probably the deletion of the article, everything is easy to discuss, etc.) Delete the article? I'm hehe! If you do something, do n’t go to investigate the matter first, do n’t adjust the shipping records to see which transshipment part of my package lost the 3kg weight, do n’t adjust the video to see which line and which person secretly took What do you mean if you do n’t track down these things and come to me and say “the article ’s influence is really great”? Don't you think that my purpose in writing this article is exactly that? Do you think you would talk to me so "sincerely" if it were not for this "really great influence"? Ha ha complex ha ha, dare to ask ha ha when break? Let me settle a claim with the Japanese Post Office? This thing was taken by the Japanese? The Japanese will take my things and I will follow your surname! !! Also drunk, you are very angry when your internals are stolen? Why can't you see the anger and find out the suspect to the public? Why don't you see your anger and tell me where is my thing? Do you still want to investigate? Don't think about it, let me tell you how to check it! First: The package has gone through so many links, and each link has a recorded weight (don't tell me no!), You can find out at what link did you lose the 3kg weight and the date of loss. Second: Take the lost weight on the day, take out the shift schedule of the work area to see who is working that day. Third: take the number of the package where I lost the item to find out which line is the first to sort Four: transfer the video of this operation line to see who is doing the work at that point in time. Fifth: Don't say anything to me, right? Why do I know? When I was studying abroad, the Japanese black cat house worked as an anxious worker, and what I did was sorting. For a company as big as your EMS, I believe that the black cat house is the same as you! Alright, your inner ghost is found out? Could it be a temporary worker? What should I do? Is stealing a crime? Let me delete the article first and then investigate. Do you think I would believe you in such words? First of all, I made it clear that I will not delete the article anyway. No matter whether your compensation is compensated or not, he will be there and will be there silently, witnessing the anger of netizens . Second: You said that the internals were stolen. You are also very angry. How can I not feel at all? I only feel that you want me to delete articles through public relations. May I ask, can I get answers to my questions after deleting articles? Do you think I will accept this kind of charity-oriented exchangeable answer? Apology and compensation must be unconditional! In addition, through a little bit of public opinion baptism today, countless EMS once or now bitter masters sent me private messages telling me about their past, which are roughly divided into the following categories: 1. Sending food stolen 2. Sending postcards Have n’t received it at all 3. Send clothes, etc. that are not so expensive, but have not been taken away (because the clothes are not worth it?) 4. Send the mobile phone only to the box, or seized After sending it back to the place, I unpacked it in front of the local post staff and found that only the box was left (do you think this is an angry situation? No !!!!) 5. 5. Send the mobile phone and follow it halfway I lost it, but went to the Apple Store to track it down, and found that the phone was activated while the phone was still in transit. Then the MES informed this thing that we didn't know what was going on, you asked the sender. 6. 6. The offer letter was received six months later, and the school has been open for months! The poor baby did n’t know if he could go to college in the end (I was really stunned when I saw this private message) 7. Yes, these things have been impossible to prove one by one, but there is no doubt that these things If it is true, then these people were not properly handled at the time, and they could only eat this dumb loss! Yes, I have such an article today, so you feel that "the impact is not good", and you can "compensate for good negotiation". What about those who have not written an article? Have you lost your losses? Because their incident did not cause the so-called "adverse effects", can it be left behind? I'm drunk with this kind of divine logic. I can't get drunk anymore! Compensation, it doesn't matter if I don't! What I want now is your official statement, not only for myself, but also for those who have eaten your losses thousands of times! I hope your executives can come out and talk to me on Weibo. (To be honest, so many people have suffered so much that even a person who can talk and complain is angry without me! Do n’t mention customer service!), I need you to answer a few questions from me and tens of millions of netizens: First: why not supervise? Do n’t you have a way to prevent theft? As a domestic express delivery giant, you tell me that you can't even monitor things like warehouse or assembly line staff stealing things, then you tell me what is your significance as a courier? Don't say you can't do it, me! Do not! letter! So I want you to answer, why not monitor? Second: Why not lose money? Lost or damaged things, your initial reaction is not to enter the loss certification, not to discuss the issue of compensation and compensation, but to start playing with us to determine responsibility! The EMS said it was the fault of the customs. The customs said that you went to the postal system of the sender and found out that the postal system of the sender was told to do a "investigation request". As a result, the request was sent to China Post. Just start investigating your China Post! !! Why kicked us like a ball? After all, isn't it going to return to you? I think you will tell me that this is an internal regulation of the company, ok, then I would like to ask you, is your company serving the consumers or your company? If it is for the service of consumers, what is the significance of the existence of so-called "regulations" and "procedures" that are too cumbersome to add? Did we not pay you? Why is it so difficult to claim? Just as long as you can let consumers give up their rights protection through continuous nonsense, you can play with us time and time again and finally die? Third: Where is the dialogue mechanism? Who do we look for if something goes wrong? Not to mention customer service, your customer service said that they are not specifically dealing with this, they have other business, then you have set up a department to deal with related disputes? So many people lose things, why do you all turn a blind eye? Or what makes you so bold and wanton? Please ask the person in charge of China Post ’s customer service department to come out and answer these three questions. Do n’t call me. Really, you open a real-name authentication Weibo account to confront us. All our conversations are with the people Under supervision. Today, I have countless netizens reposting likes to me in exchange for such an opportunity to "seem" to talk to you, the "big guys" who are high above you. If something like this happens again tomorrow, there is no such big public opinion In which direction will things go? If you don't give a word, we will not stop. That's it, I'm Lin Longhui, and I'll wait for you whole China Post to come and beat me! Just sauce! In addition, the people inside the EMS can steal things so wildly that it is inseparable from the indulgence of consumers! Let's think about how many times you started full of blood, but immediately gave up your rights with the mentality of "Otherwise, just forget it" or "Can't make me flash." It is because of your indulgence and your noisy and darling behavior that those people are making them more stolen and bolder! !! How many people can withstand temptation without stealing things without responsibility? Don't place your legitimate rights and interests on the illusory "conscience" of some people. What we need is fierce rights protection. We must vigorously crack down on these people's crimes and never condone them! Today they steal me, tomorrow they will steal you! If China Post did not come up with a set of effective monitoring and dialogue mechanisms, such things today will not stop! In short, if you do n’t come out to apologize, do n’t come out to guarantee, I wo n’t stop! I still have to say it again yesterday. My name is Lin Longhui. I want to challenge all of you, but today I am not yesterday. I no longer need to "single" with you because there are countless netizens supporting me. So, we want to beat you up!
147896325 07-14 17:14
Ha ha, this "good fight" is not an employee or relative of China Post EMS is a standard second goods, saying that home delivery people want to be beautiful, they should have been home delivery, their company's service content is still unknown here It's a shame that everyone knows what kind of attitude Xingren Post is. After being pitted once, there is a lesson. Any online seller who says that he can only send China Post. I immediately do n’t even need anything, and change it decisively! There is also a landlord who is wrong on the phone. You are responsible for being lucky and sending it up. You should have delivered it to the customer. It is too boring to say that you want to be beautiful. If you only recognize the phone number and the address, you are not afraid that someone will take it? Hehe, I suddenly thought of a funny question. If some of your customers are single and don't use the phone, and there is no other way to call, your EMS will not return the people's things directly?
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