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When can the problem of the gas station in the famous tourist town Mi Ni be dealt with?
Release time: 2019-09-25

The current resident population of Nizhe Town is almost 40,000. There are many vehicles that come to fishing, tourism, services, and visits to relatives every day. The Nizhe Gas Station has been closed for some reason and stopped directly until now. For safety reasons. Do not allow motorcycle repair shops to retail gasoline, which will make it difficult for the old loaches to refuel. Everyone complains. Every day, people in the street ask about loquats where there are gas stations for travel and fishing vehicles. Most people will sigh. The tourist town didn't even have a gas station. It had to run a long way, don't go to the town, go home, and leave in disappointment. It is inconsistent with the governing principle of Nifu Town, which is dedicated to creating a boutique tourism town. For several months, there is still no solution to inform the crowd. Regardless of whether the car, truck or motorcycle is currently going to refuel, it is better to go to a warehouse 21 kilometers away, or to Jingnan or 22 kilometers away. Refueling in further urban areas, about 45 kilometers roundtrip, takes nearly 2 hours. Increasing the travel cost of the people virtually. Originally, a car was run for 300 kilometers with a tank of fuel, but it ran almost 50 kilometers on the road to refuel. Most people bought fuel tanks by themselves, and went to the gas station to load the fuel with their ID cards. No doubt the seeds of social insecurity and instability have been planted, and road traffic safety on the way to and from the road is also a major hidden danger.

This is the case, I hope that the relevant leaders can solve the "easy gas" problem of loach people at an early date, and also lay a solid foundation for loach to build a tourist town. After all, we do not have a full-time driver to cheer for us . I care a lot about the wasted tens of kilometers of gas money. After all, gas is our own money.


A common man who refueled for 45 kilometers

September 25, 2019 9:20

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Long-haired boy 11-17 15:27
This is indeed a problem. It is estimated that there was a formality problem at the previous gas station. It is enough to re-establish a regular gas station, but it is estimated that no one will come to it in a short time.
1240911953 11-27 12:33
Actually don't want to vomit, but there is a little obsessive-compulsive disorder

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