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The design of road markings at the traffic lights from Xingyi to Jingnan is not reasonable
Release time: 2019-09-25 | Posted by: Jinzhou people 2018 | Views: 11972
Since the S105 Xingzhuang Highway (Xingyi to Jingnan Zhan'an) was opened to traffic, it has indeed facilitated the travel of the masses, but the design of road markings at traffic lights is unreasonable. The highway is a two-way four-lane road. At each traffic light intersection, only the right lane can go straight when the green light is passing, while the overtaking lane (left lane) can only turn left or turn around. In fact, there is almost no left turn or turn around at each traffic light intersection vehicle. Every New Year, the traffic flow from Xingyi City to the eight towns in the southern area is very large. Often, there are long queues of one or two kilometers on the right lane, which is seriously congested, but the left turn or U-turn lane is left In the case of no car, the driver friend did not dare to go straight from the left lane, there was monitoring, and he was afraid of fines. In particular, the traffic lights at Bayou Intersection and Jingnan Gas Station are particularly serious. This brings serious inconvenience to the mass travel. It is hoped that the traffic police department and the road traffic management department will proceed from the actual situation and change the left lane at the traffic lights of the highway to “left turn and go straight” to make it easier for people to travel and reduce road congestion.
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