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Is it time for zombie cars to occupy public parking spaces?
Release time: 2019-10-15 | Posted by: Xingyi Observation | Visit times: 14719
There are a lot of public parking spaces on the streets in Xingyi District, which alleviates the problem of difficult parking for citizens, which is a good thing. However, public parking spaces on certain roads in Xingyi have been occupied for a long time by some people who do not need or use "zombie cars" for a long time, causing other people who need parking to be unable to use the parking spaces. For example, nine parking spaces on Xinlian Road (in front of the Pingdong government gate) located in Pingdong Street, Xingyi City, have been occupied by certain "zombie cars for a long time", and some "zombie cars" have " This car transfer "ad. In addition, parking spaces on some sections of the road, such as Xihu Road, Xingyi City, are occupied by some businesses or other residents with old tires or other obstacles. Regarding these acts of encroaching on public resources, I hope that the relevant departments will properly clean up and manage them so that public resources can truly serve the general public.
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Xingyi Comprehensive Administration Bureau 11-01 10:29
Hello, in response to your two questions: 1. The parking space on Xinlian Road (section in front of the Pingdong government gate) of Pingdong Street was occupied by some "zombies for a long time", and some "zombies" were pasted with " This car transfer "ad. 2. The parking space on West Lake Road is occupied by tires or other obstacles used by some businesses or other residents. After verification, our Pingdong Sub-Bureau now makes the following response: 1. On October 30, our Pingdong Sub-Branch arranged for law enforcement officers to conduct on-site inspection and verification of vehicles parked on the parking lot of Xinlian Road in Pingdong Street through active contact. Vehicle owners, and other methods such as posting a civilization proposal on vehicles, remind them to stop in a civilized manner, and do not occupy public resources. On the 31st, when our law enforcement officers inspected again, some vehicles had left. 2. Some of the parking spaces that you reflect are “occupied” by merchants. After verification, the parking spaces on the West Lake Road section of Pingdong Street are managed and charged by a qualified contracting company. Our bureau and the city traffic police Relevant units such as the brigade and the sub-district office assist and cooperate with the management. Our bureau has temporarily detained the items occupying parking spaces, and conducted criticism and education on occupied businesses. In the future, our bureau will increase inspection frequency and management efforts, strengthen civilized parking persuasion and regulation, and let public resources truly serve the general public. Citizen. Thank you for your support and supervision of city management.

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