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Wanhedi forcibly installs an access control, the owner cannot return home
Release time: 2019-10-25 | Posted by: Waiting for the outbreak | Views: 14818
In Xingyi Wanhedi, it is mandatory to install an access control, and the owner cannot go home. Is this society still legal? Relevant departments should be managed, thank you!
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3882 10-26 11:35
Why don't you say you didn't pay property management fees?
adsrt5 10-27 22:18
Please explain why you can't go home? Is the property payment in arrears and the access card locked? That's a good solution. You have to pay all the arrears of property fees. If you are not allowed to go home, you can call the police!
kobewh 11-12 23:40
1. The access control is installed to ensure the property safety of the owners on the floor. There is no problem, but it is unreasonable to charge the property fee by preventing the owners from returning home. 2. If the owner feels that the property charges are unreasonable, he can respond to the relevant departments instead of the vicious circle of refusal to pay. 3. The property can also take legal measures to protect its rights and interests, rather than deliberately creating obstacles to the owner.

adsrt5 11-20 13:33

I also agree with you that rights and obligations are on both sides, but you probably don't know that some people in this community haven't paid a penny of property fees for several years. There is really no way to make a property. The owners still understand the work of the property. In fact, it is only a small number of people who cannot enter the community normally. Most owners can pay the property fee on time.

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