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Xingyi Xingfu Road sidewalk becomes parking lot, why no one is in charge
Posted time: 2019-10-27 | Posted by: SDS | Views: 17733
The sidewalks on both sides of Paradise Road (the back of Baotai Xingfu Garden and Lanhu County) beside Xingyi Water Park in Xingyi City are full of various private cars, and the sidewalks are directly turned into parking lots. Vehicles block the sidewalk, and pedestrians have to walk from the lane in the past, which is not only inconvenient and unsafe, but parking on the sidewalk can also crush the stones on the sidewalk. The sidewalks occupied by other road vehicles in Xingyi City are also very common. I hope that the urban management department will take a look and take care of them, and a clean and spacious sidewalk for the citizens.
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Xingyi Comprehensive Administration Bureau 11-01 10:22
Hello, in response to your reflection on "the sidewalk of Xingfu Road turns into a parking lot, why no one is in charge of it", it has been verified that the phenomenon of parked vehicles on the sidewalk disorderly exists. Some citizens park their vehicles arbitrarily on the sidewalks, damaging the small sidewalks and blocking pedestrian traffic. Our sub-bureaus have also carried out law enforcement in accordance with relevant regulations on many occasions, focusing on labeling parked vehicles on the sidewalks of Paradise Road, and patrolling the sections of Paradise Road. Due to the existence of parking difficulties in this area, we adhere to the "combination of dredging and blocking" management method, led by Pingdong Street Office, assisted by Pingdong Branch of Xingyi Comprehensive Administrative Law Enforcement Bureau, and negotiated with Baotai Garden Property Management Company After consultation, Baotai Xingfu Garden Property Management Company agreed to allocate some parking spaces in Xingfu District to residents and businesses on Paradise Road. However, considering the safety of the residents in the community and the unified management of vehicles, Xingfu Garden Property Management Company will arrange a special person for 24 hours. Carry on duty and implement charge management for parked vehicles. In the future daily work, our bureau will strictly increase inspections and penalties for violations in the region in strict accordance with relevant regulations. Thank you for your support and supervision of city management.
gzanquan 10-28 14:27
Urban management will be scolded when law enforcement comes out, haha

Xingyi Comprehensive Administration Bureau 11-05 10:13

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