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Guangxi, Yunnan, issued a document to build the Kunshan-Shenzhen High-speed Rail Wangzhou government to fight for the high-speed rail transit and benefit the people!
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正式出台省级重点文件,规划建设350km/h昆深高铁。 Yunnan Province officially issued a provincial key document, planning to build a 350km / h Kunming Shenzhen high-speed railway.

The mayor of Qujing City, Yunnan, formally made a public statement. It is a good thing for Xingyi to plan the transit of Kunshen high-speed railway to Qujing. It is hoped that the southwestern Qianzhou Prefecture Party Committee and the government of Qujing City will join forces to fight for Qujing and Xingyi of Kunshen high-speed rail transit.

正式出台省级重点文件,规划建设昆深高铁。 The Guangxi Zhuang Autonomous Region officially issued a provincial key document to plan and construct the Kunshan-Shenzhen high-speed rail.

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