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Xingyi Xinghuifeng Real Estate Management, who gave them such overbearing rights!
Release time: 2019-12-05 | Posted by: rookie 007 | Views: 6008

1. I belonged to the post-80s generation, and saved a lot of money to buy a house in Xingyi Xinghui Peak. I thought I could live a happy life, but due to the serious inaction of the property management on the community and the overbearing collection of expensive property management Fee, come to ruin.

2. Since the normal check-in in the community, there have been more than 800 households. At present, more than 600 households have refused to pay property management fees for similar reasons. They only pay for the money and do not perform their management duties (there are 5 security guards, the youngest are all 54 years old, and a few cleaners) ---- This is their routine management!

3. As a civilian, I do n’t know how to use the law to protect my own interests. I know how to resist the property management fee to resist the property management. ushered in a lawsuit single ----- property management division sued the district court refused to pay the court proceedings batch single management fees.

4, there is no way, everyone is unwilling to squander their hard-earned money easily, only brazenly greeted the lawsuit.

5. Among the numerous evidences from the same batch of owners who proved the property management inaction, a judge named Xie refused to accept it (this is the key point). The court declared that the owner of the arrears was reimbursed at the property management fee of 1 yuan per square meter.

6. In the face of a legal society, the people's livelihood problems could not be reasonably resolved. I can't help but have a question:

a. Property management fees must be paid, but in the face of such inaction property management and the owner provided countless evidence of inaction, Judge Xie dismissed and refused to accept it. What is the reason?

b. Is Judge Xie's decision truly reasonable and legitimate?

c. In court, Judge Xie called the defendant to give evidence, and the owner had countless evidences on hand to prove that the property management failed, but why did Jie Xie not accept it? Countless thoughts.

7. A glimpse of the leopard in the tube. This kind of domineering phenomenon that the property management company only collects money but not an officer, I firmly believe that there are many communities in Xingyi. Ordinary people have no place to plead their grievances, and the judge's decision will further promote the arrogance and domineering spirit that undermines people's livelihood.

8. Which department recognizes the property management company? Which government authority is responsible for implementation? Are they only responsible for collecting and issuing certificates? If this is the case, today in a legal society, it is even more outrageous under the grim shape of the special struggle to fight against evil. Use snacks! The parents of Qianxinan Prefecture @ 兴义 市 校园 @ 兴义 市 人民政府 @ Qianxinan City People's Government @ 兴义 市 检察院 @ Qianxinzhou People's Procuratorate

I hope everyone pays more attention to people's livelihood!

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wx_auytUXy7 12-11 10:18
This judge has a problem, he can report it to the Discipline Inspection Commission, and ask to test the inaction judge to see if there is any fuss with the property. As a people's judge, you do n’t listen to public opinion, do not do things for the people, do you deserve the national emblem on your shoulders? Sorry for the fair medal above his head? Many real estate companies in Xingyi now do nothing. They only know that they need money to enter the community. This chaotic phenomenon is still supported by the court?

Rookie 007 12-18 10:08

Upstairs is right!

Rookie 007 12-18 10:09

Conscience is upstairs

18085979672 12-20 13:07
As a common people, living in China is not easy. Most of my life, I struggle to buy a house, buy a scooter for 50,000 to 60,000 for the convenience of traveling. The management fee is hundreds of dollars for sanitation, so tm is not easy to live! !!
Light Moon 12-18 14:43
No one in the community knows the lawsuit?

Rookie 007 12-27 07:52

Yes, everyone is usually busy, and there is no chance for communication.

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