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For the highway and related issues of Xiongwu Township of Xingyi City!
Release time: 2019-12-07 | Posted by: Xie Xiaofei | Views: 3811



I live in Yundong Group, Xiongwu Township, Xingyi City, Guizhou Province, Guizhou Province. I am very supportive of the construction of the highway, and I thank the leaders for letting the villagers go a good way, while bringing convenience to everyone, and helping everyone get rid of poverty and get rich. However, I have a few problems in the road construction section. I hope that the relevant departments or people familiar with the matter will give guidance!

Questions are as follows:

1. Was the highway to be set up to be measured, declared and repaired by the city leaders? Why is the measured line not repaired as standard?

2. The roads in Xiuben Village are very supportive, but why use the collective barren mountains to mine and sell sand and gravel in large quantities?

3. Is there any compensation for the occupation of the reserved land for the construction of highways?

4. Can part of the highway be fenced, and the retaining wall in the earth section not built (collapsed in less than one year)?

5. Let the reserved land be used for road repairs. Is it reasonable to use the original roads to build houses and yards?

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