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Please give a safe and environmentally friendly life to the seven village immigrants
Posted time: 2019-12-08 | Posted by: Farmers' Voices | Views: 5014

Xingyi Jushan Sub-district Office, Minhang Village, Yongxing Seven-Plot Immigrant New Village is an immigration site in Tianshengqiao Reservoir Area. Due to poor street planning during immigration, the width of the road is relatively narrow, and the pavement is already cracked and cracked. The immigrants of the new village have brought a shadow of life. “杨柳村”搞开发,每天几十辆搬运废石土的重车来来往往穿梭于移民新村的狭窄的路面上,漫天灰尘、隆隆车声干扰着移民的正常生活,频繁来往的车辆同时威胁到村民的生命安全,重车的震动严重影响到村民住房。 However , such an environment has not been improved so far. Now the fruit tree farm “Yangliu Village” is under development. Every day dozens of heavy trucks carrying waste rock and soil come and go on the narrow roads of the immigrant new village. The sky is full of dust and rumble cars. Sound disturbs the normal life of immigrants. Frequent traffic also threatens the safety of the villagers. The vibration of heavy vehicles seriously affects the villagers' houses. Originally, in order to support the construction of key national projects, the fertile land of the original hometown was abandoned, and the land was resettled. There is no field, and generations of people are guarding a house and relying on part-time work to support their lives. Such a life has made villagers sigh. Today, such disturbances and threats to housing, life, and the environment make villagers even worse, and have nowhere to complain.

The road is broken, who will help rebuild the new village? The house fell, who will help the migrants rebuild? There is no hope of rebuilding it yourself, how can we help rebuild it? Here, I hope that relevant governments and departments at all levels pay more attention to earnestly improve the living environment of immigrants.

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