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Hazards of burning garbage in Lanhua Village, Xingyi District, Xingyi!
Release time: 2019-12-15 | Posted by: 11223345 | Browse times: 9722
Located near the Orchid Village in the Sprinkling Zone, Nanhua Village often burns garbage at night in the summer, sometimes it lasts for a long time, and a burnt stench cannot be dispersed for a long time, which greatly affects people's lives. At the same time, there are many schools around Nanhua Village, which will also affect the lives of many students and teachers. And this phenomenon often occurs, it is basically every night in summer, a little less in winter, and it has lasted for more than two or three years. It's really unbearable, it's too angry to be in a stench of smoke every day. And since Nanhuacun is incineration of garbage, it means that the infrastructure construction is not complete and there is no place to deal with garbage, so it can only be incinerated. However, incineration of garbage is very polluting to the environment, and it will also affect the health of people. In addition, there are so many students in that place. This is a very bad move. I hope relevant departments can handle this.
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Xingyi Comprehensive Administration Bureau 12-31 10:21
Hello, my bureau has received the questions you have received. Our branch ’s Sprinkling Branch has jointly worked with the Sprinkling Sub-district Office and the City Comprehensive Management Service Center (founded on the 3rd) to strengthen the investigation of the problems reflected in the text. Currently in the Orchid Hill Group No waste incineration mentioned in the area was found. Each villager group in the area has built a garbage pool, and a housekeeping company arranges regular cleaning of garbage in the garbage pool. However, some villagers still have the habit of burning straw and garbage. Our branch ’s Sprinkling Branch, Sprinkling Subdistrict Office, and comprehensive urban management The service center (founded three times) stepped up inspections, and immediately stopped the burning of straw and garbage as soon as it was discovered, punished and criticized the personnel who burned straw and garbage, and carried out environmental protection publicity work to ensure that the bad habits of burning garbage are effectively controlled. And governance.

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