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There is a foundation pit on the sidewalk of Xingyi Road B6, which seriously affects the passage of pedestrians
Release time: 2019-12-18 | Posted by: annlyhuang | Views: 10166
Several foundation pit construction sites were fenced on the sidewalk of Orange Hill Avenue Wealth Center and Ginza District B6 Road in Xingyi City, but a few months passed and no construction workers were seen. The foundation pit was still surrounded, which seriously affected The passage of passersby, please ask the relevant departments to pay attention to it. If there is no need to repair, please restore the sidewalk as soon as possible, and return a safe and comfortable travel environment for passersby!
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Xingyi Comprehensive Administration Bureau 12-31 10:06
According to the unified arrangement and deployment of the Municipal Administration of Traffic Blocking, the city has arranged for the city Xinheng Company as the owner and the Municipal Traffic Police Brigade to carry out the improvement and improvement projects of traffic jams such as Jushan Avenue and Xingyi Avenue. It is the underground part of the pole body of facilities such as traffic lights, monitoring poles, and guide signs that need to be transformed in the project. As the project is in the implementation stage, our bureau will urge the owner unit, construction unit and related units to take protective measures to ensure pedestrian safety.

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