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Problems and suggestions on strengthening management of public parking spaces in Xingyi City
Release time: 2019-12-24 | Posted by: Xingyi Watch | Views: 5937
Difficult parking is a problem faced by many cities, and Xingyi is no exception. In recent years, Xingyi has also added parking spaces and toll management on some sections of the urban area, which has greatly facilitated the majority of car owners, but parking is still a difficult problem. The cause of the problem is manifold. Among the many reasons, poor management of parking spaces is one of the important reasons. The management of parking spaces is small and there are no effective management measures. As a result, public parking on some roads is chaotic. There are mainly the following phenomena: 1. Merchants occupy parking spaces, and public parking spaces become private parking spaces. Parking spaces are mainly occupied by some merchant shops next to the parking spaces. These merchant shops often use obstacles such as broken chairs, stones, used tires, ice cream cones, and even motorcycles and electric vehicles to place obstacles on the car parking spaces to prevent others from using them. Public parking spaces; 2. Zombie cars occupy parking spaces for a long time, including some second-hand cars that are going to be sold for a long time, and parking spaces become private parking spaces in disguise; 3. Parking is not standardized, and some owners press the parking lot or park their cars. Parked in the middle of two parking spaces, motorcycles or electric vehicles parked in car parking spaces, reverse parking, longitudinal parking and other irregular parking behavior. The above chaotic phenomena are common in public parking sections of Xingyi City. These phenomena are even more serious in sections where no tolls are charged, such as the section of West Lake in Xingyi from Guolong Company to the transportation company. These actions harm the normal interests of the majority of car owners, and also damage the image of the civilization of the city. It is hoped that the relevant departments can make practical moves to strengthen management and strengthen punishment with effective measures to prevent these chaotic phenomena on public parking spaces in Xingyi District.
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