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Xingyi bus expensive EU0033 emergency brake passengers were not asked
Release time: 2015-09-09 | Posted by: Kaibei | Views: 8037

At around 17:00 on September 9, 2015, Xingyi bus Gui EU0033 suddenly stopped about 200 meters down the Shajing Street Sports Park, causing passengers to be injured in varying degrees. The driver said nothing, who should this? Come on? Below is an injured little hand of a primary school pupil in Xiangyang Road.

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Small wooden fish
It should be an urgent request for money, otherwise it will not be a sudden stop! The main reason is that the roads in Xingyi City are too narrow. There is no standardized route, such as the entrance of the city hospital inpatient department. The left turn time of the vehicle is also a green light on the sidewalk. Sometimes the quality of some drivers is relatively poor. I always think that tens of thousands of cars are the road of his home, so it is inevitable to cause congestion. For example, Shajing Street often sees drivers stopping on the side of the road that is not wide, causing congestion !!
Li Xiaobao 09-10 08:58
Hey, they're driving Need for Speed!
csh2001 09-10 09:52
The roads in Xingyi are half motorcycles and half taxis ........
Myanmar 09-10 09:57
You should respond then. Some drivers are really poor quality, I do n’t know what to describe
yihao 09-10 10:49
The cars running on the streets may have long wings flying in the sky and did not walk on the road. Stop and release the fucking pretend, thinking that no one would dare to touch his broken car, others horned and pretended not to hear it. Poor driving quality kills the whole family sooner or later. There are many online examples. Pretending to pretend to be excessive can sometimes have serious consequences.
adsrt5 09-10 11:19
In this case, you can complain, you can call the police.
Happy Shell 09-10 22:47
In my opinion, are we not creating any city? As a member of this city, no matter what position you are engaged in, you should have professional ethics. When engaging in the bus service industry of the city window, you should also take the lead in building trees. There are other foreign guests on EU0033. Although they say nothing, But how would you evaluate Xingyi City?
Happy Shell 09-10 23:10
Maybe it ’s naturally cold for a long time. Anyway, creating anything seems to have nothing to do with it. If you talk too much, it will cause trouble. What will happen in the future, 0033, 0044, 0055 ...
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