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An admission ticket will cost 8,000 yuan! I really want to cry without tears?
Release time: 2015-10-12 | Posted by: Sunshine for a long time | Views: 8118
I ’m Xingyi, my first marriage, my husband is downstairs from Pu'an, remarry, no children, get married this year, get a marriage certificate in July, but we encountered difficulties when applying for a permit, and the man ’s village did n’t give me a signature, and he said that we were Paying a fine of 8,000 yuan, we are all migrant workers, and it is difficult to earn money. I just want to ask, why should the first child be fined? Xingyi said that as long as the village side of Pu'an is stamped and signed, the child will be born right away, but this certificate really made us anxious. Hope you guys give some feedback
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flash951 10-14 21:03
First: Because your husband is remarried, you need to find out if your husband has had children in the last marriage. (Now many people think that the court judges the child to the other person, and they belong to the person without the child. Either way, the child will be credited to both parties). If your husband has had a child in his first marriage and is under the age of legal marriage, he will be a child with one child and a corresponding fine will be charged (my classmate paid 8,000 yuan for social support because he was not old enough to have a child) . Second: If you are telling the truth, tell the actual situation boldly, such as the name of the village, the name of the clerk and the like, and explain why Murakami proposed a fine at that time. In order to facilitate the supervision and management departments to participate in the investigation and give you a satisfactory answer. Third: Maybe you do n’t understand the relevant policies, misunderstandings occur, or there may be maggots in Murakami. No matter what kind, they need to be resolved to give the society a truth.
yihao 10-13 10:25
If you want to become rich, you must be a village cadre. The biggest problem in rural areas is that these village cadres do nothing and act indiscriminately. This situation is obviously the stamping fee of the village cadres, which benefits them. There is no such statement in the family planning policy.
Plato 10-13 15:58
The hukou policy has been changed early. The hukou and the birth permit are no longer bundled. If you do n’t give it, go and report it.
I miss you 10-13 18:24
If you are telling the truth, publish your husband's home address. If it is a legal requirement, please hand it in. If it is a village official messing around, just come out and ask for an explanation. Some village officials really take themselves seriously ...
Bruce Lee 10-13 09:35
What is the basis for his fine? Is the man a second marriage? ? ?
Small wooden fish 10-15 16:40
If this 8000 is the social support for your husband and the child of your previous wife, this is reasonable, mainly to find out if your husband and your previous child have no children. Now the policy has been changed. The child's household registration is not tied to the birth permit and can be used for civil enquiries.
aohongsong 06-13 08:44
Let ’s talk about giving birth, put a few more at home, wait for the national policy, and then go to the household registration together.
huangyuejiang0 10-13 08:56
If the man has never had a child! You have never had a baby! After getting the marriage certificate, the first child should not be punished so much! If you do not have a birth permit, the standard is about 2000 yuan at most! No more! If the first child seems to be one month after the birth of the child, you can apply for a birth permit (you can go to the family planning office to ask)!
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