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Xingyi Telecom is no longer credible, let alone ...
Release time: 2015-10-15 | Posted by: sJlr | Views: 9589
I applied for repairs before the National Day, and no one dealt with it for half a month. It was such a service ... Is it so difficult for a broadband failure, why don't you delay this when you are charged?
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xzh1234 10-16 16:02
I will not use any of the services of the telecommunications company in the future. I ’m fed up with them. If you owe him a penny for his service, he will stop. If you do n’t use it, he will ask you to cancel the account. This kind of fee, that kind of fee, one phone call harassing you every day, really fucking enough, the telecommunications company, you should learn more from the mobile company, how others do the service, and they are the ones you owe money for downtime and do not pay , The number is automatically cleared, and telecommunications will continue to do so, sooner or later one day will be eaten by the mobile company
devil 10-15 21:15
Yeah, they have to stop for a penny, MT for half a month, I ca n’t use it for a month, and I do n’t see them losing money!
Telecom Customer Service Representative 10-16 10:06
Dear sJlr users, I am a customer service representative of Qianxinan Telecom. You have already seen the broadband failure problem reflected on the window of Xingyi. I am very sorry for the inconvenience. Please provide your broadband account and contact information so that we can contact you to handle it. If you have any inconvenience, please dial 10000 or the local general manager service hotline 96180, we will serve you wholeheartedly. Thank you!
sopher1980 10-16 10:11
Collect relevant evidence and directly complain on China Telecom's website and complain to China Telecom's Guizhou Provincial Company Guizhou Southwest Branch, which can solve the problem, I have complained.
adsrt5 10-16 11:50
It ’s better to use it for Unicom. The price is cheap, the internet speed is not discounted, and the service is in place. It is more worry-free and will not worry.
ccaigcy 10-16 14:26
Some things are not explained clearly by telecommunications. In fact, it is enough to explain one more sentence, just don't say, a pair of labor and capital is like this, don't accept it. During this period of time, the electricity was changed to electricity. The original users who used the telephone line to access the Internet were unable to access the Internet normally. Optical cable, asked the talents of the construction team to know that this is enough
kyes99 10-16 14:56
Is the host's house also in Wanfenglin?
coffee823 10-18 00:33
Don't say, a Guiyang number kept calling me last month, saying how much is owed for a broadband account opened with my name ... I remember I only opened an account with my name 6 years ago, and Downtime is useless ... I don't remember if he didn't call

13312296110 02-15 15:32

The situation you said is caused by the implementation of real-name verification by various operators in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology in September last year.

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