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Xingyi Park

元/㎡ Reference average price: 7500 yuan / ㎡

  • This price is for reference only, the actual price is subject to the developer
  • Sales Office Consulting Tel: 0859-3667677 / 3667077
  • Reminder: When contacting, please tell me that you saw it on "Window of Xingyi" Qiannan Real Estate Network ", thank you!
  • Fangkai Company : Guizhou Yunsheng Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • Sales Address : Jinli South Road Park Marketing Center, Xingyi City
  • Property Address : Jinshui Road, Xingyi City
  • Property Type : Commercial and Residential
  • Exclusive offers: Sorry, "Xingyi · Park" currently has no exclusive offers at the window of Xingyi!

Property Introduction

The project in Xingyi Park is located in Jinshui South Road, Xingyi City, a 400-mu gentle slope park living area, with a green area rate of 40%, which gathers in the heart of the city. Utilize the unique geographical resources of Dabianshan to perfectly integrate the large house living area of the city center park with the bustling city. Built on the mountain, the building is organically integrated with the community landscape, the landscape of Dabianshan Park, and the urban landscape to form good lighting and ventilation. According to the original topography, referring to the architectural wisdom of Chinese traditional architecture, and sitting in the north and facing south according to the style of the common people, "out is prosperous, but in is quiet." It has reached the highest state that has been inhabited for a long time.

As a high-quality villa real estate in Xingyi, Xingyi Park has introduced the top 10 China Shipping properties in China. In line with the concept of benchmarking Xingyi properties, China Overseas Property Management Co., Ltd. inspires the property service to be meticulous and the highest quality, pays attention to the core values of precision, professionalism, integrity and harmony, and integrates the international top private service standards to provide you with a 5-star Butler-style service to make mountain living comfortable!

  • Basic Information
  • traffic condition
  • Peripheral supporting
  • Area: 420 acres
  • Building area: square meters
  • Duration of property rights: years
  • Building category:
  • total houses:
  • Decoration: rough
  • Greening rate: 1.56
  • Volume rate:

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