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Four Seasons Flower City

元/㎡ Reference average price: 5500 yuan / ㎡

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  • Sales Office Consulting Tel: 0859-7366666
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  • Fangkai Company : Qiankang Southwest Fukang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • Sales Address : Xingyi City Fengdu Fukang Art Center
  • Property address : Xingyi City Fengdu Fukang Art Center (the intersection of Longtang Avenue and Fengdu Avenue)
  • Property Type : Commercial and Residential
  • Exclusive offer: Sorry, "Four Seasons Flower City" currently has no exclusive offer at the window of Xingyi!

Property Introduction

Xingyi Tourism Portal, Jianye International Life

75%,历来享有“ 丰产之地、宜居之都”的美誉。 Fengdu New District is located in the southeast of Xingyi City, with flat terrain, fertile land, beautiful mountains and rivers, and green coverage of 75%. It has always enjoyed the reputation of "a land of rich production and a livable capital".

As an important part of Xingyi City, the New District is an important starting point for Xingyi to develop large education, medical treatment, conventions and exhibitions, to build an international quality city, and to realize a regional cultural center; it is also a city with a population of one million in Xingyi City. Important areas for expansion. “城市拓展区、高新技术产业园区、现代农业示范园暨休闲度假区”的总体发展定位,丰都新区将成为兴义城市产业发展的全新高地,在医疗、教育、文旅、居住等方面迎来广阔的发展前景。 According to the overall development orientation of "urban development zone, high-tech industrial park, modern agricultural demonstration park and leisure resort", Fengdu New District will become a new highland for the industrial development of Xingyi City, in terms of medical care, education, cultural tourism, and residence. Usher in broad prospects for development.

The south of the city is already a major development trend under the current situation. The excellent location conditions and the comfortable living environment of Fengdu New District will bring a new qualitative change to the quality of human settlements in Xingyi.

Project Introduction

The Four Seasons Flower City is a pioneering demonstration and experience area with hundreds of flowers, and it is designed with a new Asian style concept to create an exquisite model of the Royal Garden residence. 26万平米,总建筑面积39万平米,共划分为 4个不同的地块组团,运用景观“花带”有机联系在一起,每个组团设置独立出口,交通上完全实现人车分流。 The planned total land area of the project is 260,000 square meters, with a total construction area of 390,000 square meters. It is divided into 4 different land groups, which are organically linked by the use of landscape "flower belts". Each group has independent exits, and fully realizes people and vehicles in transportation. Diversion.

4A级万峰林景区,东临万峰林机场和高铁站,南面则是兴义未来的城市拓展区。 The project is located above Fengdu New District, at the intersection of Fengdu Avenue and Longtang Avenue, near the Orange Mountain New City Jinzhou Sports City in the north, 4A-level Wanfenglin Scenic Area to the west , Wanfenglin Airport and High-speed Rail Station to the east, and to the south It is Xingyi's future urban development zone. “一城三景”核心位置,拥有“四纵一横”立体交通网络,毗邻万峰林机场与兴义高铁站,雄据城市空港区绝佳位置。 The project is located in the core position of "one city and three landscapes" in Xingyi City , and has a "four vertical and one horizontal" three-dimensional transportation network. It is adjacent to Wanfenglin Airport and Xingyi High-speed Railway Station, which is an excellent location in the urban airport area. 10分钟到达cbd金州体育城,10分钟到达万峰林和马岭河峡谷景区,25分钟左右即可到达万峰湖,形成完善的休闲生活交通体系。 Enjoy a 10-minute vacation life circle: 5 minutes to the airport and future high-speed rail station, 10 minutes to cbd Jinzhou Sports City, 10 minutes to Wanfeng Forest and Maling River Canyon Scenic Area, about 25 minutes to reach Wanfeng Lake, forming a perfect Leisure life transportation system.

Project Features

Needless to say, the environment has a profound impact on the physical and mental health of the inhabitants. The Four Seasons Flower City enjoys a beautiful natural environment, watching Wanfeng competitions, watching Yunjuanyunshu, and can breathe in the sea of flowers every day. This is the main advantage of the project for recreation and leisure. Here, you can enjoy the bustling quietly, 10 minutes traffic circle Seamlessly enjoy the scenery and urban life outside the city, interpreted from the perspective of leisure and living, based on Fengdu's excellent geographical and cultural advantages, and build a model of modern human settlements based on the concepts of ecology, life, life, and business, and shape modern Elite family, diligently pursue the texture life!

Value extraction

“文旅休闲”向度,填补了目前城市居住的空缺,并且将城市人居理念和生活格调提升到一个新的高度。 As the leading project of Fukang Group in Fengdu New District, Four Seasons Flower City has improved the living quality of Xingyi to a brand-new "cultural tourism and leisure" dimension with the exquisite exemplary standards of the Royal Garden residence , filling the current vacancy in the city. And raise the concept of urban living and living style to a new height. As a brand-new international holiday residence demonstration zone in Xingyi City, it has unprecedented quality and tonality of other projects. It is naturally so preferentially treated, how can life not be poetic!

五星殿堂闪耀花城 Master builds five-star temple to shine in flower city

Fernando Menis“老瓦”设计,打造兴义“最美会客厅”,艺术中心运用国际化的建筑理念,借鉴万峰林将军峰创意,兼具人文与自然艺术气息,五星级殿堂叩响奢闲典范的门庭,不仅是城市人文与艺术地标,也是未来国际生活所在。 Designed by French architect Fernando Menis "Old Tiles" to create the "most beautiful living room" in Xingyi, the Art Center uses the international architectural concept and draws on the creative ideas of General Wanfenglin, with both humanities and natural arts atmosphere, a five-star palace. The gate of luxury and leisure is not only a landmark of urban humanities and arts, but also the future of international life.

  • Basic Information
  • traffic condition
  • Peripheral supporting
  • Area: 260,000 square meters
  • Building area: 390,000 square meters
  • Duration of property rights: 70 years
  • Building category: high-rise, single-family villa
  • Total number of households: 2200 households
  • Decoration: rough
  • Greening rate: 55%
  • Floor area ratio: 1.5

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    Four Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower CityFour Seasons Flower City

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