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China Jinzhou Sports City

元/㎡ Reference average price: 2580 yuan / ㎡

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  • Sales Office Consulting Tel: (0859) 6888888
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  • Fangkai Company : Qiankang Southwest Fukang Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • Sales Address : Xingyi Avenue Sports Center, Xingyi City, Guizhou Province
  • Property Address : Xingyi Avenue, Jushan New District, Xingyi City
  • Property Type : Residential
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Property Introduction

China · Jinzhou Sports City is invested and developed by the Fukang Industrial Group of Southwestern Guizhou Province. It is a masterpiece of Fukang Industrial Group's participation in the construction of a better city life. The project plans to occupy an area of more than 1,500 acres with a total construction area of 5 million square meters. 100 million yuan.

China · Jinzhou Sports City is positioned as: to build a provincial-level hub city in Guizhou, Yunnan and Guizhou, and to build a central vitality area of the city. It is composed of four major groups: urban cultural and sports activity center, central commercial recreation area, central core business and trade area, and noble living and recreation area. The maximum height of the project is 160 meters. It integrates financial headquarters office, business services, trade consulting, information services, cultural and sports services, and ecological community. The functional modules share resources, are interconnected and self-contained.

The project is located in the core area of Jushan New City, Xingyi City, and is the location of Xingyi Cultural Center. The west side of the project is a natural mountain, the north and south sides are residential areas, and the east side is a comprehensive functional area. The project is adjacent to Orange Hill Plaza and is located on both sides of Xingyi Avenue. The plan includes: top-level urban commercial complexes, high-end platinum apartments, 5A Grade A office buildings, super five-star hotels, open commercial and residential quarters, and urban wetland parks. The supporting construction of Jinzhou Stadium, gymnasium, swimming pool, tennis hall, Jinzhou Conference Center, etc., will be the new urban center of Xingyi City in the future.

China's Jinzhou Sports City project is developed on the basis of Xingyi Avenue and builds a new core of the city of Xingyi with the attitude of building a city, focusing on improving the taste of Xingyi city and planning to build a better life in the city. It is a large central vitality area integrating economy, culture, sports, leisure, and tourism; it is a source of vitality that gathers people, logistics, information, and capital; it is a new city that blends modernity with history, not only a golden area in the city It is also where the essence of various industries is concentrated. It continues the heavy history of the important business center of Qiangui, Yunnan, and Yunnan, condensing and carrying the glory and dream of a city.

China · Jinzhou Sports City is a joint initiative of the southwestern Guizhou Prefecture and the government of Xingyi City to promote the rise of the region. The completion of the project will further improve the sports cultural infrastructure and city service functions of Xingyi City, and further expand the city. The development space and the further improvement of the city's image and taste have created favorable conditions for the vitality of the city. It will become the central business district, commercial recreation area, and cultural and entertainment center of the three provinces, regions, and provinces of Yunnan, Guizhou, and Guizhou. It is of great significance to promote the rapid and healthy development of city construction, sports and cultural undertakings, and the economy.

  • Basic Information
  • traffic condition
  • Peripheral supporting
  • Area: 1.3 million square meters
  • Building area: 5,380,000 square meters
  • Years of property rights: 5 #, 6 # is residential, 70 years of property rights
  • Building category: tower, high-rise
  • Total number of households: 30000
  • Decoration: rough
  • Greening rate: 4%
  • Plot ratio: 3.80

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    China Jinzhou Sports CityChina Jinzhou Sports CityChina Jinzhou Sports CityChina Jinzhou Sports CityChina Jinzhou Sports CityChina Jinzhou Sports CityChina Jinzhou Sports City

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