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Guizhou · Hualian City

元/㎡ Reference average price: 3250 yuan / ㎡

  • This price is for reference only, the actual price is subject to the developer
  • Sales Office Consulting Tel: (0859) 6637777
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  • Fangkai Company : Guizhou Hualian Real Estate Development Co., Ltd.
  • Sales address : Three squares next to the square (Jinzhou Cuihu Hotel lobby)
  • Property Address : Xingtai New District, Xingyi City
  • Property Type : Residential
  • Exclusive offer: Sorry, "Guizhou · Hualian City" does not currently have any exclusive offers at the window of Xingyi!

Property Introduction

Guizhou Hualian City is located in the center of South Xingyi, a 5-minute drive from Jiexin Garden and 6 kilometers from Wanfeng Forest Scenic Area.
Hualian City is positioned as a benchmark project in Xingyi and is the highest quality residential area and core business district in southwestern Guizhou.
The project occupies a total area of about 600 acres, creating a high-end ecological residential area of over 2.2 million cubic meters.
The core business facilities of nearly 200,000 square meters include star hotels, Grade A office buildings, and commercial shopping centers.
The educational package includes an international bilingual kindergarten on the second floor of the community. The best elementary school in Xingyi-Xingyi Eight Elementary School is 400 meters away from the project, and the key middle school Xingyi Eighth Middle School is located 400 meters southwest of the project. Within one kilometer there are three primary education resources of Xingyi, Xiangyang Road Primary School and Saiwen Middle School. It can be said that education is a one-stop package.
Medical support. The project is north of Qianxinan Prefecture People's Hospital and Xingyi City People's Hospital. The project is only a few hundred meters away from the project. They are all national third-level hospitals in Qianxinan Prefecture.
Municipal Park: On the west side of the project is Xingtai Plaza, which covers an area of 30 acres and is funded by the government. Fitness facilities and leisure kiosks are readily available. Our Guizhou Hualian City is only separated from the park. After the park is completed, Our project is truly a private garden.
The first phase is located on the south side of the overall project. The project covers an area of 68 acres and has a total construction area of 224,000 square meters. It consists of 2 platinum apartments, 6 high-rise residences, 3 ecological retreat elevator houses, and 4 villas (including 2 double Building, 1 building with 4 rows and 1 building with 6 rows), as well as a podium building on the ground floor and a 2 storey kindergarten.
The area adopts the unified management of fully enclosed people-vehicle diversion; there are entrances and exits on 4 sides of the east, west, south, and north; the community also has sports facilities such as basketball courts, tennis courts, and infinity pools; the atrium is about 37,000 square meters Green landscape, creating the largest community in Xingyi Atrium.
Xingyi's premier property management has the most professional and efficient star property team, providing the most intimate property services.

  • Basic Information
  • traffic condition
  • Peripheral supporting
  • Area: 405,959 square meters
  • Building area: 220,000 square meters
  • Duration of property rights: 70 years
  • Building category: Slab high-rise
  • Total number of households: 1334 households
  • Decoration: rough
  • Greening rate: 53%
  • Plot ratio: 3.90

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    Guizhou · Hualian CityGuizhou · Hualian CityGuizhou · Hualian City

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