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The "Window of Xingyi" website was established in January 2001. With the continuous development of the Internet and the favorable resource advantages of telecommunications, it has continued to grow and improve. It has gradually formed the main online media in the southwestern Qianzhou Prefecture, which is the Southwest Guizhou Government. Designated the only government announcement online media, currently opened a number of channels such as news, entertainment, education, talent, health, tourism, etc., nearly a hundred sub-columns, so far the website is continuously increasing with daily traffic of 80,000 people. At the same time, we are constantly striving to improve.

Advertising example
Window of Xingyi-Advertisement Quote
NO Owned Page position Quote Remark
1 Xingyi Window Home
Top bar 600 / day Discounts for long-term delivery
2 Text ad 150 / day
3 Half screen telescopic 1000 / day
4 Floating advertisement 600 / day
5 Central Advertising 600 / day
6 Area A third 320 / day
7 Area A left 230 / day
8 Right side of area A 230 / day
9 Zone B third 200 / day
10 Area B left 200 / day
11 Area B Middle and Upper 180 days
12 Area B Lower Two 150 / day
13 Area C 200 / day
14 Image link 3600 / year
15 List Top bar 260 / day
16 Content page Lower right side 220 / day

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