• "Window of Xingyi" is operated by Jinzhou Online Information Technology Co., Ltd. of Southwestern Guizhou. The website was established in January 2001. With the continuous development of the Internet and the advantageous resource advantages of telecommunications, it has been continuously grown and improved. The main online media in the southwestern region of Qianzhou is formed. It is the only government announcement online media designated by the southwestern Guizhou government. At present, it has opened multiple channels such as news, entertainment, education, talent, health, and tourism. It is continuously increasing with a daily flow of 80,000 people. At the same time, we are constantly striving to improve.
  • The "Xingyi Window" office area is located on the 10th floor of the Orange Hill Telecommunications Building in Xingyi City, with an office area of nearly 3,000 square meters, more than 30 employees, and an undergraduate degree of 81.4%. It is a young, energetic and creative, high-quality The high-efficiency team has mastered the network optimization design, installation and commissioning of CISCO, Huawei and many other domestic and foreign brands of equipment, and is proficient in telecommunication DDN, frame relay, ATM and broadband IP technologies, which is more conducive to large-scale WAN integration projects. Smooth implementation. The business scope covers: online advertising, website promotion, domain name registration, web hosting, e-commerce, multimedia design, computer information system integration, IT service outsourcing, application software development, website construction and maintenance, Internet value-added applications and other services.
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  • The "Window of Xingyi" website dedicated to provide our customers with the best solutions, high-quality products, high-quality, one-stop service that does not differentiate across regions, and is committed to making new contributions to the social information construction in southwestern Guizhou. . Now it has merged with Jinzhou Online to do a good job in the future development of Jinzhou Qianxinan Information and local informatization, and provide a convenient and fast network environment for the people in Qianxinanzhou to live online.