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Qianxi Nanzhou Zhengda Motor Vehicle Safety Technology Testing Co., Ltd.

Qianxi Southwest Zhengda Motor Vehicle Safety Technology Inspection Co., Ltd. has an independent legal person status. The company was established in 2010 and put into operation in 2011. The inspection station mainly tests the safety performance of motor vehicles and the detection of exhaust pollutants. Inspection of safety performance of vehicles in Yishi and surrounding counties and cities.

This site currently has 2 safety performance testing lines and 4 exhaust gas testing lines. This station is located beside Yihua Avenue, Maling New District, Xingyi City, covering an area of 14,200.07 square meters. There are 51 staff members in the station, and the overall quality of the staff is relatively good, which can ensure the technical quality of the vehicle and all aspects of work.

Check-in station address: beside Yihua Avenue, Maling New District, Xingyi City

Check-in Station Tel: 18932076002

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Qiannan Xinzhou Qian'an Xingye Vehicle Inspection Co., Ltd.

Qian'an Xinzhou Prefecture Qian'an Xingye Vehicle Inspection Co., Ltd. is located in East Development Road, Dingxiao Economic Development Zone. It was established in March 2009 by the Guizhou Provincial Traffic Police Corps and the Guizhou Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision Bureau. It is a vehicle safety technology for the society. The testing service unit is mainly responsible for the testing of automotive safety performance technology across the state. The company's registered capital is 6 million yuan. The annual detection capacity reaches 100,000 sets.

The company covers an area of 25,000 square meters, including 5,000 square meters of testing workshop, 1600 square meters of office building area, and 18,000 square meters of parking lot. The company has two safety inspection lines, one motorcycle inspection line, four exhaust inspection lines, and 35 existing equipment. The total investment is 10 million yuan.

Checkpoint address: East Development Road, Dingxiao Economic Development Zone, Yilong New District

Check-in phone: 18685982772

Kind reminder: Read the following car inspection procedures carefully to complete the appointment.

Instructions for online appointment inspection:

Appointment reminder:

As our inspection agency is a social testing and evaluation unit, the valid working hours booked in Qianxinan Prefecture in this industry are Monday to Saturday, national legal holidays and autonomous state holiday breaks, please vehicle owners according to our announcement The effective working hours, combined with the needs of our vehicle inspection matters, will be agreed, we will be dedicated to provide quality service to the majority of vehicle owners during the appointment time.

I. Online appointment for car inspection can only be completed if the following conditions are met:

1.Small and mini passenger cars in use in Honshu

2. The validity period of the vehicle inspection is within three months before the deadline. For the specific date of the inspection validity period, please check your driving license deputy page, or log in to the main station of the Traffic Management Bureau to use the "vehicle violation" query function to check.

3. Before the vehicle inspection, make sure that the vehicle is free from unhandled traffic violations and traffic accidents.

4. You can make an appointment for online car inspection service within one week from the second day. (For example, it is currently January 10th, you can make an appointment for the car inspection procedure between January 11-17.)

5, first test environmental protection or complete environmental protection before making an appointment.

2. Please pay attention to the following before going to the inspection site for car inspection:

1. The appearance of the vehicle is clean and tidy, all kinds of lamps and instruments are complete and effective, and there is no illegal modification or stealing that does not meet the standards.

2. The vehicle's brakes and handbrake have good performance, and are equipped with effective fire extinguishers and reflective warning signs.

3. Carry the original identity certificate of the operator, the driving license and a copy of the strong insurance within the validity period.

Third, other matters needing attention:

1. It is recommended that you carefully read the "Tips for Inspection Service" before car inspection.

2. If the vehicle inspection is suspended due to network equipment failure or severe weather such as rain or snow, please see the notice, do not go to the vehicle inspection again, you can make an appointment again.

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