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Chery 4S shop on May 1 Ganjiang Chery zoomed in Chery to take home!

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Dealer Xingyi Chery Automobile 4S Store
hotline 0859-3813119
Sales address Chery Automobile 4S shop at the traffic light, 42 Pingdong Avenue, Xingyi City
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Chery 4S shop on May 1 Ganjiang Chery zoomed in Chery to take home!

- 5月2日 ,奇瑞汽车西南大区携手全区经销商打造“奇瑞五一欢乐购车节” 超大优惠,超多惊喜劲爆放送! At the time of the May Day holiday, from April 30th to May 2nd , Chery Automobile Southwest Region and the dealers in the region created the "Chery May Day Happy Car Buying Festival" with huge discounts and many surprises! The best-selling model May Day special car is limited to snap up, and the tight model car booking enjoys a special gift! Miss this wave, no next time!

The best-selling SUV Tiggo 3 and Tiggo 5 special cars are on sale!

As the leading representative of independent brand SUVs, special Tiggo 3 and Tiggo 5 special car activities are launched during the May 1 Happy Car Buying Festival. Only 10 special cars are available for purchase in a limited amount.

The popular model Arize 5 does not raise prices, and enjoys a special gift when ordering a car!

Since its launch, the Arrizo 5 has been in short supply, with sales exceeding 12,000 in one month. Loved and trusted by many young people. In the face of tight market demand, Arrizo 5 is kind and does not raise prices. Now for the "May 1st Happy Car Buying Festival", the special extension of the car can enjoy 6 times of maintenance in three years, the engine 10 million years extended warranty! At the same time, ordering Arrizo 5 during the event, you can also participate in the online forum essence posts to share your experience and win 500 gas cards and participate in offline Arrizo five self-driving tour opportunities!

Chery Automobile welcomes May 1 to zoom in on the "price" and give back benefits to customers. On the day of the event, there is a limited amount of spikes. There are also beautiful gifts at the store. What are you waiting for?

For more details, please contact your local Chery dealership!

Phone: 0859-3813119

Address: Chery Automobile 4S shop at the traffic lights, 42 Pingdong Avenue, Xingyi City

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