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Harvard H6 Sports Edition offers up to 17,000

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Dealer Southwest Guizhou Great Different Great Wall Haval Store
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Sales address Dingxiao Development Zone West Road Da Dadu Automobile City
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Spring is blooming, peach red willow green, and traveling with the family to share happy hours, you need a high-quality, large space, easy-to-use SUV. The Haval H6 Sport gasoline model has a cash discount of 10,000 yuan and a diesel model with a maximum discount of 17,000. It is the best choice for your family travel.

Haval H6 Sports Edition

Preferential policy

National purchase tax halving policy

1.5T + 6MT

Cash discount of 10,000 yuan

5000-6000 yuan

A T 1.5T + 6 A T

Cash discount of 11,000 yuan

5500-6000 yuan

2.0T diesel elite

Cash discount of 15,000 yuan


2.0T diesel distinguished type

Cash discount of 17,000 yuan


The Haval H6 sports version is dynamic and atmospheric, more in line with Chinese aesthetics. New chrome + high-gloss black mesh, smooth body lines, full rear design, pleasing to the eye; decorative side steps, underside decoration of stainless steel front and rear bumpers, high brake lights with HAVAL logo, body with electroplated trim The ingenious combination of detail design elements such as the same-color door handles and the new load-bearing luggage rack make the vehicle stylish, simple, and stable.

The Haval H6 Sport Edition interior is stylish and exquisite, with excellent workmanship and good ergonomic design. The integrated design of the main and auxiliary instrument clusters, instrument panel metal trim strips, four-door inner panel leather, flocking of the glove box, and decorative bright circles allow you to enjoy a pleasant driving experience.

In terms of configuration, all Haval H6 sports versions are equipped with a keyless entry and one-key start system, GPS intelligent navigation, dual temperature zone air conditioning, Bluetooth hands-free calling, fixed-speed cruise, LED daytime running lights, reversing image + reversing radar , Multifunctional leather steering wheel, etc., the rich configuration is rare in the price range of more than 100,000; in addition, consumers can also choose to install car air purification devices and car networking systems.

Comprehensive safety protection is another highlight of the Haval H6 Sports Edition. It has won the C-NCAP five-star standard with ESP and tire pressure monitoring as standard; mid- to high-profile models are also equipped with 6 airbags to achieve a full range of drivers and passengers. protection.

The Haval H6 Sports Edition is equipped with a 1.5T turbocharged engine plus a 6MT, 6AT transmission golden powertrain. The power and fuel economy have reached a good balance. After being tested by millions of Haval owners, it is mature and reliable; the 2.0T diesel engine has low torque Abundant, excellent fuel consumption control; at the same time, there are four-wheel drive system options, which can fully meet the different needs of customers.

自上市以来已经保持了36个单月销量第一;3月售出超过4.6万辆,创造了中国SUV市场的销量神话 ,而运动版正是哈弗H6的主力热销车型。 Haval H6 is a well-deserved China SUV sales champion. It has maintained the first sales volume in 36 months since its launch; more than 46,000 units have been sold in March, creating a sales myth in the Chinese SUV market . The sports version is exactly the Haval H6. Main selling models. In such a beautiful season, Haval H6 Sports Edition relies on higher quality and more affordable prices, allowing you and your family and friends to return to nature and easily enjoy a healthy life!

Whether it's parks, barbecues in the countryside, fishing in reservoirs, or flower viewing in the mountains;

Haval H6 Sports Edition is a beautiful, easy-to-use and easy-to-use spring tour car that easily meets all your wishes.

The flowers bloom on the street, but I hope the king will come, but the beauty and relatives can not be disappointed.

Haval H6 Sports Edition invites you to bring your family and friends to the ten miles of spring breeze!

At present, the Haval XX flagship store is full of cars. Welcome to drive reward!

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