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Haval H2 discount of 8,000 yuan!

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In April, the world was full, and the peach blossoms of the mountain temple began to bloom. 携全家出游共享欢乐时光,一款高品质、够时尚、好用好看好开的SUV,无疑是您轻装出行的最佳选择。 In April, it is to take the family to travel and share happy hours. A high-quality, stylish, easy-to-use and good-looking SUV is undoubtedly your best choice for light travel. The Haval H2, as a sophisticated and stylish SUV, is 8,000 yuan off the current price, which will be your best choice for traveling with your family.

4335*1814*1695mm的车身,“不大不小,用着正好”的家用黄金尺寸,使这款SUV迅速走进消费者的购车单,成为月销过万的热门型。 Harvard H2 adopts the “Fashionable Wild” design style, providing a variety of color and style options for the body, interior, and configuration of the new generation of urban pursuit of fashion, as well as 4335 * 1814 * 1695mm body, Not small, not small, with the right size of home gold, this SUV quickly entered the consumer's car purchase list and became a popular model with a monthly sales of over 10,000.

The cost-effectiveness of surpassing models of the same level is another killer of Haval H2. It comes standard with dual smart airbags, keyless entry and one-button start-up systems, cruise control, reversing radar, and electric power steering. This discount of 8,000 yuan makes this advantage even more obvious.

It is worth mentioning that the Haval H2 rear suspension adopts a multi-link independent suspension commonly found in mid-to-high-end models, which combines driving control and comfort, creating a driving experience comparable to that of a luxury SUV. Automatic transmission models are equipped with 6AT gearboxes of internationally renowned brands, equipped with ESP body stabilization system, automatic turning of fog lights and electronic hand brakes, and other technological configurations, which have enriched consumer choices.

媒体《华尔街日报》评价:北京车展五款最佳车型,并入围智利“年度最佳SUV”。 The Haval H2 is optimistic for sales and has been praised continuously. It was evaluated by the international media "Wall Street Journal": the five best models of the Beijing Auto Show, and was shortlisted as Chile's "SUV of the Year." Ten miles in the spring breeze, driving an internationally renowned SUV to see the peach blossoms of the mountain temple, life may present a different beauty.

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