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Basic Nursing Theory-Evaluation of Musculoskeletal and Neurovascular

  • "At lunch" is At lunch or In lunch? You can

    When we first started learning English, the simplest but easiest to overlook was prepositions! English level

  • Sit down with me is not "sit next to me", understand

    In fact, there are many expressions in English. The meaning in the workplace is different from that in daily life. If you understand it wrong, it may be

  • "What did I say?" Really not asking "I just

    In English expressions, the simpler and more mysterious it is. A seemingly simple sentence, actually used, but really

  • Foreigners rarely say What's your name

    What new year wishes do you have for the new year? If you want to learn English well, just follow us! New year new

  • Will you only answer Sorry with It's ok? That "unforgive"

    Sometimes we are disappointed because of something. The other party often says Sorry as a compensation.

  • Why does someone say First Floor is the second floor? The LG layer is again

    Receiving courier, interview, meeting, so many occasions have to talk about specific locations, then everyone's floor expression method is clear

  • I wish I wish Christmas or I hope

    Wish and Hope both express "Hope" in Chinese, but in English, the usage is different.

  • "You don't say" is not "You don't say!" Then

    There are many practical and authentic expressions in life. They are simple, but I don't know how to express them. Let's learn a few words today

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